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when is next update?

how many versions of this game do you still have to release until it is done?


when is the impregnation content coming out? or is it already out?  


Our new game has been published on! (+18)

Check it out while its free

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How do you get back into Isa's dojo? im at the step where you see if she found something but i cant seem to go back to her dojo. I already made her room, but when i go there and interact with her, its only the normal options. Also, when i use the crystals bug fixer, it does nothing.

When will v0.75 be public ?

Just want to report a bug

The "Gift Her" function doesn't work and comes up with an error


After completing Isabel quests can you do any thing else with he

Nothing else for now.

I cant find where cleo is in the dangers lurking quest

She is at the library, check also the portal

I checked every location in the library and at different times but i think it was because I was using an old save 


First of all, ily this game so much. The story is astonishing. 

Now, to the doubt: I was playing on 0.66 version, when I try to update for the last version, the app doesn't accept it and accuse "package conflicts with an existing package". There's a way for me to backup my save, for delete my version and install the newest one? :(


Thanks, glad you like it, for the backup:

Go to Android/Data/com.zimon.chamoionofrealms/files and copy the save folder If you are on Android 11 or greater and you cannot see this file, you will need to download a file manager from the app store that has been updated to support the new permissions introduced in that version. (Zarchive is known to work)

I have the same problem.  just throwing this out there!

Dude, I didn't even need save folder. But I was used to see through all the files before Android 11 and never thought about file managers after. Really helped ty

Cool game btw, waiting for continue 

How do you complete isabels quest, it just disappeared but I can still do it. Though i cant see what I need to do

The tracker is all green?

No, i was in the middle of doing it and got caught up in other quests and then it just disappeared. I have done some more of it when it was gone but i can't see my progress


Type "dance" and "cat" in chamber


"moto" works too

So i am at the point when there are no more quests exept for one that sais "not in game yet" or something like that so do i have to wait for an update or is there something i am missing

You beat the demo



How do you pregnant the girls in the game

it's not in yet

It keeps showing this and when i ignore it and try to play the game it quits by itself

Yeah me too

I'm stuck on the "the call" quest I can't complete the first step but I have completed steps 2 and 3, can anyone help?

somebody help me i can find the fields for "The lonely cowgirl" pls help

how to get money in champion of realms i dont know how

You can work for taile or whatever her name is


This is fucking great

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Anyone else notice the guild office is the persona 3 dorm lobby.

Not mad at it. pretty cool

Also FUCK YOU....for emiko


How to start a new life - pregnancy

not in-game yet.

How to clear Maeve Quest The War With in ?

That one is a main story quest, just progress with the story then do maeve events

Deleted 9 days ago

I am in the "Not yet in game" quest and cleared the rest of the girls quests, but i have the same question.

The 0.74 Android version glitched my save

That appears when i try to load it

It's  the save error,  for the save problem: Saves Problem

Can you tell me what to do if the last item of the tasks is "Time to light up! " and "It's time to get serious" writes not yet in the game (I'm playing from my phone)

That means that they are the last quests for now until new update.


Goshh would love to support you on patron but can't unfortunately got no credit card as of the moment to bad i completely loved the story how much detail you put into it the event of the girls how much you can interact with them hopefully more updates would be available soon 

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Thanks, glad you are enjoying it



这个更新了吗 我怎么找不到



how do you unlock Cleos's last event, "Promenade along the seafront"?

Go to the beach, there is a hint in the her notes


Thank you sooo much for not adding NTR

Can someone explain how exactly to move save files on android

You have to use a file manager from the app store that has been updated to support the new permissions

I just got the battleship message at the school pool. Who is Moto, and will this lead into an event?

You have to use moto in the chamber.

I need some help. I ended up stuck and unable to progress in Danger Lurking because Izanami's quest line just stops but the "DL" quest says i haven't finished with her. Not to mention I can't find any sign of Tsukiko. I'm guessing she's unlocked as you progress through Izanami's questline, which again is a problem because I seem to not be able to finish with her. I don't know if my game is bugged and I need to start over or if I'm just dumb and missing something obvious.

so far this is really good, but i have a question, or i guess request for a future update, will you e able to add a character soley focussed on her being more dominant? basically femdom

Hello, I have a little problem, I don't know how to complete this quest, can someone help me? i'm playing on mobile

It happened... I don't like to admit it but it happened: an adult visual novel made me shed a tear

I never thought i would say those words in my entire life

That's a damn good story tho, can't wait to see where it goes

Not sure if this has been asked before but what 3d modeling software did you use to make this game?

It's using the Koikatsu Chara Studio.

How do I give a room to a girl?

So I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem, but I accidentally clicked too fast on the Interactive Sex Option for Cleo, and now the tab is permanently on my screen and I can't actually do the interactive sex anymore, are there any fixes?

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Hi, I have a problem or I don't know if the game ends. And When I unlock the ritual of new life. For now I'm playing it on mobile 


Maybe wait for the next update

How do I unlock Neon? And can I do it if the assault already happened?

Nevermind, I found the bug fix in the crystal. Thanks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi there

I'm missing the last (5th) gallery for Hera
Any idea where to find it ?

Version 0.74

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