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How is it possible that I can't find the lab or the cat girl? I go to dusk city at all hours but no events take place

Hi, I also ran into this breakdown, please tell me if you find a solution.

Let's hope Zimon answers us

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Toro Mikabhksham Sohrab Pakzad, I had to use shazam to find it lol, when i download the updated version, i just suddenly thought to use it lol tho sadly it has lyrics

just switched to app time to replay this game 💀

my version is not updating because the pc version is currently listed as Windows only rather than Windows and Linux. Please fix quick

The stray cat mission doesn't start as I go to Dusk City the mission to find the cat girl doesn't activate

Hi great game looking forward to the new update just found a bug where I couldn't view the battleship thing at the pool and sometimes the test pauses on an event.

Side note I noticed most characters have hidden scenes in the card some 2 was wondering how you unlock them


anyone knows how to find neon in town to show her ur mansion she is just never there i have met the prerequisites 

I had this issue too, and just got it to work. Keep progressing through the main story and it ends up working when you go to main street after a certain point(am avoiding spoiling others, so I wont say exactly when). The info on her doesn't mention that as a prerequisite but that's how it worked for me!

cant open it  it says its running but it doesnt 

Can't trigger the quest "the call", finished everything but can't get the 7 girls in the living room. Is the quest not implemented yet or smth ? Help thks

I have a question: Where can i find pure aetheria? I need five to fix the core. I already have two, but i can't find anymore. Any advice?

I have an issue with the android version, no matter what i do or where i go i simply can not download it, always ends with eather errors or fails, even tho my connection is pretty good

i have a question about the stats is there any way to level them up also what about the mastery and powers how do i unlock some of those or is that for future updates

So i redownload the game(0.87) and open it, my save is not there but my save folder is still in the same place as before(0.86). Can someone help me with this?

boglan OP Today at 8:39 AM

@sumphonyy Okay I just fixed my issue,

it was very easy lol.. so first of all you

need to connect your mobile to your

computer. On your mobile storage, go to

your internal


championofrealms and copy all your

SAVE files, but don't touch to the

following files: "persistent", "log"

'upgraded", "security_keys". Then, go to

the "new" save location, here is the path:


alms\files\saves", and paste all your

saves files. Now you can disconect your

nobile from your computer and open

the game on your mobile, you'll have like

3 warning messages asking you "are

these save files trustable?", you just have

to respond "Yes" everytime and that's all!


Credit from Champion of Realms discord help

There are script errors during the ejaculation in multiple of Estias repeatable sex scenes.

Gonna check on them, thx.

I'm enjoying the game a lot. Keep up the good work.

Maribel has already a sex evente?
Btw, the best evo of Iza is the red one. I hope that appearance is permanent and appears in the kitchen and other Izanami events.

Not yet, she has still some story to tell before that to happen.


Can anyone help whenever I open the game nothing opens it says its running but nothings happening

There is an old version installed?

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When I try to launch, it just shows me a YAC screen, similar to command prompt, with nothing going on.

Im having the same issue, did you ever find a fix

Did they add any pregnancy content yet

Deleted 25 days ago

You can use the red heart in the lab to start the New Life test.

Cant seem to download the android ver

Probably your Internet, but the fact that the apk is not compresed make it harder to download

How do I unlock scenes that are locked? What needs to be done?

Нужна помощь, у меня задание: Find a way to fix the doors, since it's Etheria, maybe you'll find someone in Dusk Sity

Я захожу в сумеречный город, перехожу в Night street, и у меня никого и ничего нет. Я не могу продолжить сюжет, так как застрял на этом задании. Нету Геры, никого, ни с кем кроме Эстии и Клеос не могу встретиться.


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I got a problem, I don't know how to do this quest to be honest. Need help please.  I'm on Android If your asking

Same problem can't trigger the quest "the call", finished everything but can't get the 7 girls in the living room


Is there anything else I need to complete before new life? I did the Izanami and Syxia quests to the point where it says no more events, but i can't see a heart in the lab. Sorry if im just missing it. I'm on android if that's an issue.

There was a lock in the new update, 0.87 will fix it

Oh my bad. Thanks for the update


Are there other areas to get pure etheria? For some reason the lake one is no longer spawning. 

I can't progress sectoral movements because I'm right at 4. 

At the moment only the forest, it respawns every week

When can we expect the next update to the story?

Next update is full story quests

i have a problem Hidden link ,don't know how to deliver the mission to Maeve


I cannot download the android one it just wont work and when it does download the app wont open


Im replaying the game and noticed for some reason after the relocation event, most if not all characters change the way they speak, turning more robotic.

They started using words they would normally not use and its a bit immersion breaking.

lost my hard drive a week ago, lost all my saves for games like this. Some how it doesn't bug me at all. Having to replay great games again is not a bad thing at all.

I have isssue whenn I'm going through the scenes for the end of quest " the war within"

Hi, i have a problem, i install the new ver after deleting the old one and start the game from 0 but im stuck, after you get your own place you need to fix the doors and it says to go to dusk city but i go every hour of the day for several days and the blacksmit girl doesn't appear, can some one help me please, thank you

I'm on android by the way

Если узнаете решение, сообщите пожалуйста! У меня такая же проблема

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I'm glad the game came back as being an APK, I couldn't find a way to install it as a zip file. As I remember, the game is just awesome as it is, also now there are a lot of improvements, new events and more. I can't wait to see what will happen in all that content I missed. Keep up with the great work! We love it!

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I have a problem with the quest "The Call". I got all the girls other than Taile, but i cant get Taile, it says after completing "Controlling Your Feelings" but i dont have that quest, and i've been everywhere to find it. it will not show up

Pretty good game.

Gotta say the Emiya Archer combat outfit really takes me out of it tho.

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I have an old version how do you update or install the new version

uninstall the old one ,and install new one,of course you need to backup your old save befor you uninstall the old one.where save be placed could be check in the TXT of the game file zip.  

Fix ur game after correctly installing the files the game after some missions blanks out with cant find files

Where are you getting the errors? Story quests? 


I currently have an lgv60 with android 13 When downloading the apk and then installing it, the game says that the package could not be installed. I do have enough space for the game.

There was already an older version installed?


I deleted the older version and still getting the same error

Hello, I try to download the game, but it says that the link is invalid and I can't download it. Do you have any solution to this?

In addition, I downloaded the game before and found that many Chinese translations could not be displayed. Can you fix this vulnerability?I would really appreciate that🙏

The general situation is that only one of the fonts in the Chinese translation can display a small part of Chinese, while the other fonts are either blank or unrecognizable.🤔

Hello.  Sorry to bother, but I can't seem to find the last two pure etheria. Is this simply not implemented, or am I missing something? Great game! Definitely one of my favorites

Keep looking in the forest and surroundings at different times

Hello, i have a problem with the quest "broken doors". There's nobody at the dust city but i need to meet someone in there, i don't really understand what i need to do 

Advance in other quests and try different times to visit the dusk city

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I changed the font and the Russian language worked, I read in the update that you just added a language choice, thank you very much, my English is not very good, so translating the game into so many languages is a lot of work for you, perhaps other languages work, I haven’t checked, but for Russian language thank you very much

I basically understand what’s going on since I downloaded version 0.76 with a Russian translation from a Russian translator a long time ago and it was, one might say, perfect, I would like to help with the translation if you agree, or you can ask for a Russian translation from that translator, I can tell you where find it (I think) I just really liked the game and would like to improve it

Thank you, anyone who wants to help with translations is welcome, there is a special section for text errors in the server

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