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About :
Champion of Realms is a free adult visual novel game/sandbox with fantasy traits in development.
                                                                   The Story:
In a world born of chaos, the ancient gods separated their offspring in hopes of avoiding apocalyptic conflict. They created three distinct, temporal dimensions for each of their respective children, entrusting the crucial task of their children’s survival to one being: the Champion. For eons, this Champion has watched over the three dimensions. But now, the Champion has vanished without a trace. The Protagonist, despite his best efforts, is forced to take part in a deadly competition to decide the future Champion… and the fates of all. Will he survive? Or will he be crushed under the weight of fate? Fortunately, he won’t be alone in this harrowing adventure. Several trustworthy and noticeably beautiful allies will forge this path beside him. Together, surely they can surpass the toughest challenges, and experience the most succulent of pleasures. What are you waiting for? The adventure awaits…

Fantastic incoming features!

Make the girls pregnant.

And unlock girls' new forms thanks to the special ritual of New Life.

Interactive Lewd

You decide how the sexual actions will unfold

Special Dates

Get to know the girls better to deepen your relationship with them.


 Fetish and Theme:

Already in-game:

  • Ahegao
  • Big Ass
  • Big Tits
  • Creampies
  • Harem
  • Masturbation
  • Monster Girl
  • Teasing
  • Virgin
  • Voyeurism
  • Milf
  • Sleep Sex
  • Anal Sex


  • More...


Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Anime, Eroge, Erotic, harem, Hentai, monstergirl, NSFW, Sandbox
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksPatreon, Discord


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ChampionOfRealms-0.70-pc-compressed.zip 1 GB
ChampionOfRealms-0.70-mac-compressed.zip 1 GB

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not sure if my game is bugged but im currently on the quest "the call" on version .70 mac. ive completed 2 and 3 of the quest but the first part 1 hasn't been completed (convince all the seven girls to join you, where are they?) not sure what to do any help would be appreciated lol. 
Thanks, 3

i find it hard to believe that you got rights to use hollow knights main theme


In the Faq of the cherry team it is explained that their elements, including the osts, are free licence for content creators

Did you see my post earlier? need a fix for the handling room disappearing just a black box there now.

Yes I saw that, it doesn't happen to me but two bugs have been fixed in Handling, probably yours will be fixed too, if it still persists in the next version it could be a rendering error

I can't seem to open the game, it used to work fine. But I tried to open it and doesn't seem to open at all, but it does say running

Tried restarting the pc?


Mmmm, try if the next version gives the same problems when it comes out

believe it or not, think first happened to me a while ago, I'm only commenting now because I was hoping I could solve it and come back. There's been at least one, I think two updates since

Remove reload to update?


Como puedo poner triste a Izanami? 

Ir al festival -> Rechazar la lascivia -> beneficio ;)

got a bug where my handling room disappears 

So if i havent updated in a while and download the latest one, will it auto update the others i missed between the last update and new one?

Yes, the updates contain everything from the previous versions

I'm stuck in the game, there is only one quest in the quests menu, and its a neon quest which hasnt even been added

Im supposed to meet the girls in their new rooms in exile but there are no rooms anywhere, not even in portal. 

The new rooms are in the Handling Room, check there

This game has been great, The only issue I have is when I load it through the launcher; after an interaction with one of the girls it kicks me back to the main screen. If I don't save I have to re-load my previous save and skip just to quickly save in time before I get kicked out.

Mmmmm, maybe there is something corrupted or the graphic rendering needs a change, you could try a clean install, if still crash, use shift A and there change the graphic setting

what software do you use to make the game/models?

Studio from Koi

i can't get the lone cowgirl or the queen of silk working. i do what the quest says but nothing happens


¿Como obtengo o me pueden decir los códigos y también el de sheila ? Soy nuevo en el juego ya también admito que no le presto atención por no saber inglés  

Los códigos se pueden obtener a través de eventos secretos que se encuentran alrededor de los mapas, para el idioma, hay una traducción al español, sólo tienes que ir a opciones y cambiar el idioma


Can't wait to bang... I mean get lovey dovey with my favorite guardian

Nice safe 😂


how do i find maeve for the last step of hidden links i tried going to her room but she's not there. 

Check her card, it say where she is, not her room


Man atleast tell us some info about game, regarding date or something of new update of android, what date come 0.71 update  tell us man

Updates are always published at the end of the month/beginning of the month, so 0.71 will be available for Patrons 1 October, for all on 6

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my game is crashing D: i cannot complete the bullet hell mision

Try changing the graphic rendering, use shift A 

(1 edit)

como cambio el renderizado? 

I cant download it on Android

The mini update is not available for android, I will release directly the new version for it


bro nah that music goes hard ngl great game 


why are some events like the hell event locked even after completing the game

No events is time-locked, maybe you are missing Horny Hell, just neglect her until she act herself

Are there any scenes with Maeve?

(2 edits)

how to unlock heramael gallery 5 ?

and tsukiko 2 ?also I love this game XD

Im stuck on the Hidden allies quest, it says I already tried to open the portal in my room, but the portal doesnt seem to be any where. 

If I'm thinking right of where you are, I just got to that point myself, it should be in the Exile tab/bottom-middle choice, where it was just the empty void before that quest.

Took me a while to get used to the 'secondary' menu. I keep losing track too.


I would like to play this game but it Fricking crash after 30 sec in Android version and joiplay can't seem to load it too. This game require serious optimization


The android version is compressed, optimised and converted to vp8 to make it lightweight and executable on most devices


How to I avoid..... Ahem....

the saddest part in the game...


You can't.

What does saddest part entail exactly?

I shall not say. It would spoil the game

still hoping we encounter a necromancer or genie


Bro how can I download 70b latest version in android device tell me plzz

There is no 70b for android, I'll directly release the new version 0.71

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I downloaded and unzipped the ChampionOfRealms-0.70b.zip file but there is no application in the folder, just a bunch of RPA files. how do i actually play the game?

You have to overwrite the folders


i have played to "A War Within" and i am absolutely devastated, my life is in shambles RN

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I noticed that Izanami has 3 events in the gallery, but i cant find where to unlock the 3rd one. Anyone got any pointers


Make her sad, this will trigger new events with her during the night



Obviously, I just started playing this game for a few minutes. At present, I haven't even touched the XX part of the game, but I have been attracted by music. Can you separate music for download? The best format is MP3. I think with your music level, if you do a good job in all kinds of scenes, you can put it on steam, and you will get quite good sales!


god damn 大哥 ,你不用中文 and english together xd

但我建议在屏幕上录制音乐 like screenrecord

(1 edit)

Thank you, glad you're enjoying it, all the music can be found on the official website, from there you can go and listen to them on youtube


Very good game!

The scenario is not so bad, I liked it a lot! Can't wait for the next maj!

(It would be an honor to translate this game in french, I invite the creator to contact me on discord here --> Gizmauve / Maxime#4744)

hey how to download the 0.70 zip one?

hi i got a question for cor 0.70b is not out for the launcher does that mean the launcher is considered an android app ? even tho im using pc

The launcher got updated, check it now

got it ty sorry for late reply

You definitely need to add a way to scroll up and down in the character cards menu, considering the bottom ones are a bit off screen

There is already a scroll, is the black bar on the right

good thing i already have an eye apointment because i can't see it anywere

(1 edit)

love your game but i found a major bug, i tried to go fullscreen mode, and now the screen is black, i cannot shut the game because I can’t see the exit thing, whenever i try to reopen the game to change it back to windows it goes back to black screen and i cant see anything. So until it gets fixed I can’t play the game anymore please update!


Do i need to download the installer before i can play the game?

no you dont need the installer but it does make it easier for updates


How do you upgrade the stats?


i'm stuck on  dangers lurking i comlete the  events for almost everybody but izanmi and tsukiko. i already met izanami but don'know how to continue her events i heard you have a kitchen but i don't know how to gat to it also how do i meet tsukiko

(1 edit)

same and the dream?

I finished the story but can't seem to unlock Isabel.i just get leave option with her and thats it.I tried with Maeve features but no luck.Any way to unlock her?

Eh, maybe you just locked her, that feature is just to fix a reappearing quest, this way you probably closed her quest before it even ended

i have an early save,around half way through the game,i'll try with that one and if it work then i can just use skip on other stuff i done after that and wait for new update.tnx anyways

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taile asking 200 coins to room for Luna(HELLHOUND) im stuck on 0 coins where can i sell fish because no work on isabel and taile? and where is isabel? pub is always empty

You can work for both of them, during the noon and afternoon

(1 edit) (+1)

thanks,i got it,few quests and done it.also i finish the story and events great game and i like story specially girls..when can expect update?says isabel story now can continue but nothing happends

The next update comes out at the end of September, for Isabel you will have reached the end of her content for now, there will be more in the future

ok,thank you

Where can i sell fish?

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